It was love at second, maybe third sight. The 200-year-old farmhouse surrounded by old trees, streams and wildlife such as the tawny owl, which requires special protection. A refuge that inspires you to be free, to think, be nutty, breathe deeply, laugh and live – and more than anything else, has the perfect cultural backdrop: a panoramic view of Saxon Switzerland. And that ultimately sparked the plan to restore this heritage building on 5,000 m2 of countryside which exudes historical character and provides a place for ideas to flow. Writing, filming, cutting, producing, training and team building all harmonise perfectly here. In short, a fantasy became a project. The heritage, species protection and planning offices approved the plans along with the Saxon Switzerland/East Ore Mountains regional management office, and the go-ahead came in August 2018. The icing on the cake: we get LEADER funding. We look forward to the construction and completion at the end of 2019.

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